About Us

Our company philosophy at Shibamoto & Co. is “Do The Right Thing Right”, and it has been a guiding light as we approach 100 years in business. To us, “Do The Right Thing Right” means we work with integrity, sincerity, and efficiency. It means we handle only high-quality products, and provide the superior service required by the companies that need those products. Our customers are among the largest and most quality-conscious in the world, and “Do The Right Thing Right” means we respond quickly and accurately to their needs. It is the reason we have built so many lasting partnerships and a solid reputation in all of our business areas.


From our roots as a steel wholesaler, to our most recent expansion as a rigging gear manufacturer, our companywide dedication to this simple philosophy has kept Shibamoto & Co. expanding for almost a century. We look forward to adding new products to our company portfolio and expanding the pool of our satisfied customers.


If you are looking for a company with expertise in the Asian market, please contact Shibamoto & Co., Ltd. We invite you to put our 100 years of expertise to work, Doing The Right Thing Right.