Please be cautious of emails from suspicious persons posing as Shibamoto staff. It has recently been brought to our attentions that some of our customers have received emails from suspicious addresses trying to impersonate Shibamoto staff. These emails have no relation to Shibamoto or its staff and are not being sent from our mail server. Shibamoto does not use third party web mail services such as Yahoo! or Google. The email address is very similar to our own, please be careful to confirm the email address is correct before opening or replying.


Shibamoto & Co., Ltd.

  • Importing and exporting of steel products
  • Manufacturing and sales of high performance synthetic roundslings
  • On-site workflow DX solutions
  • Importing and exporting of wholesale food products
  • Real estate

Group Enterprise


Shibamoto & Co., Ltd. was founded in 1917 by Hidesaburo Shibamoto with the goal of creating a prosperous world with iron, which had become more available in Japan at the beginning of the 20th century. It is from this initial desire that we have been able to grow our business to bring more and more products to our customers, both in Japan, and in the rest of the world. With our motto, “Do the right thing right,” we strive to support our customers by working closely with them to find the best materials and technologies to suit their needs. By building relationships with our clients and listening to their voices, we can generate new ideas and solutions to guide them through the ever-changing expectations of the market.


  • Order Made Products

    As a designated distributor for several large manufacturers, we can negotiate high quality custom made products to match any client’s needs.

  • Manufacturing Engineering

    Designing and planning efficient production lines to promote automation and cut down on labor costs.

  • Digital Transformation

    Finding new ways to store and visualize your data for a more efficient workflow.

  • Assurance

    We are involved at every step of the supply chain and can assure prompt delivery when you want it and how you want it.


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